our mission

At BBROOD we aim to help improving the world. As such, sustainability is one of our spearheads… not only with respect to the earth, also regarding people: from Amsterdam to Nairobi we’d like to provide the whole world with healthy sourdough bread. Because it is better for the body, it is tastier and more nutritious.

our vision

In three years, BBROOD will use a sourdough that is 100% local. We are developing new recipes based on local products and ingredients. Meanwhile, we’d like to supply our products locally, near the customer and at a lower price. We have also started a sensibilisation campaign that will last three years, in order to highlight the nutritional benefits of sourdough. Not to promote ourselves, but to inform our customers and – hopefully – to change eating habits.

We wish to reduce our ecological footprint by only using seasonal ingredients from the region, preferably 100% of organic origin. The main polluter in the breadmaking process is fertilizer. In the coming three years, our bakeries and shops will work towards zero-waste operations. We’ve started this project in our shop at Rozengracht; in this no-more-waste shop we are selling ‘fresh-from yesterday’ products.

Our History

the concept

BBROOD as a brand has a history with three generations of bread bakers. The actual owner, Renee Pater, inherited the passion, knowledge and practice of breadmaking from her father and grandfather who both have been in the bakery industry for long.

In 2008, on 14th February, BBROOD opened its first shop at the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. It’s here that Rin van der Molen, Renee and Johan Pater opened a unique bakery. It produces pure and real tasty sourdough bread, very healthy for the customer, while putting the art of baking in the spotlights. In the same year of the opening, a BBROOD bakery started in Marqt at Overtoom in Amsterdam.

In 2011, BBROOD went abroad and opened a bakery in Uganda – the country Renee is so passionate about.

After two years in Uganda, BBROOD moves to neighbouring country Rwanda, where the sourdough products are warmly welcomed. And since 2016 people in Kenya can also enjoy our healthy and delicious products.


which impact does bbrood want to make?

Contribute to the sustainability of local communities by means of nutritious bread that serves a healthy local diet.


behind the screens

The employees of BBROOD are making the company culture – which for that reason is a unique one! Together we bake and sell, each and every day, our unique products made with all our attention and effort: real tasty sourdough bread!


would you like to increase our impact?

We regularly have various vacancies in our shops – to sell our products, not to eat these yourself.