Basic products

our bread

Pure sourdough bread, 100% natural without any preservatives and additives.
These are our 12 basic loaves.


spelt sunflower seeds



white oval

nuts and fruits

spelt wholemeal

oat multigrain




our coffee


proud partner

steans beans

Coffee that is good for all parties involved, will taste better. From the farmer to the drinker, with less waste and more love for the world.

did you know?


Stean cooperates directly with coffee farmers in Rwanda. By supporting these farmers, he gives them fairer chances and helps improving the quality of the product.

african sun


The beans undergo a 12-hour fermentation process before being dried in the African sun.

mmm… Yummy!!!

where can I buy?

In our shops in Amsterdam and every Saturday at the Zuidermarkt in Amsterdam Zuid.

Our method

our own sourdough

Sourdough is a mix of water and flour, with ‘wild‘ yeast realizing the fermentation process. Sourdough causes the bread to prove. At BBROOD we make our own sourdough. We leave it to rest for at least 20 hours. During this fermentation period the proving takes place and natural aromas and flavours do develop. A certain percentage of this sourdough is then used in the new dough, which is shaped by hand and finally baked in a stone floor oven. This is how our bread gets a crispy crust, its beautiful structure and its rich taste. A small assortment of these sourdoughs makes up the basis of a lot of our products: white, wheat with pumpkin seeds, Allinson, multigrain, spelt and corn.


warm and cold

Our coffee is prepared from 100% Rwandan Arabica beans with an intense taste and aroma, it has a sweet spicy accent. Apart from regular cowmilk, we serve oat milk and soymilk; you also find decaf coffee on our menu.

Storage tips

our tips

1. Buy your bread unsliced. It will stay fresh longer and better retain its taste. Besides, slicing your own bread is just fun!

2. Still a preference for sliced bread? You can freeze it and thaw the bread per slice and still have your tasty bread every day. All our bread can be frozen in the original paper packaging with coating – this way the products can last up to three weeks.

3. Unsliced loaves or baguettes can easily be ‘refreshed’ in the oven. Make the bread a little wet and bake it for about 5 minutes in a hot (200 degrees Celsius) oven. Voilà, your bread has a crispy crust again!

4. Is the bread still warm when you buy it? In that case, we recommend you to keep the packaging a bit open so that the condensation will not stay inside.

Apart from our tips we have a list with frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers. Click the button below to be linked there.