sustainable bread?

Our planet is out of balance and human beings have contributed to this situation. That’s why we at BBROOD are very conscious with respect to the raw materials that we use. We constantly look critically at all our products and processes, and the organization as such. In our opinion, an important aspect of sustainability is a transparent process, which allows us to trace our raw materials. We only use ingredients that are pure, without any unnecessary additives.

In our shop at Rozengracht we sell bread ‘fresh from yesterday’.
Re-use our bread packaging till the BROOD falls through! You get 10% off if you re-use it.
All our shops and bakeries make use of green power, and you can compost our used packaging as it is biodegradable.
We are in the process of developing a waste-free coffee chain, with vegan options and more sustainability of all our raw materials.
All our bakers wear GOTS-certified uniforms. This certificate guarantees that the whole production process is organic, from the material for the clothes up to the print.


bbrood carrier bags

In our shops we don’t sell plastic bags. Instead, we propose carrier bags that are made from flour bags that came from the miller.

BBROOD has a long-term relationship with Don Bosco Boys Kuwinda. This charity organization supports needy children to grow into an independent living by providing basic needs, education and extra training. BBROOD supports the Bosco Boys by donating bread and other bakery products. Our empty flour bags also go to the charity, where they are transferred into beautiful and very strong carrier bags. BBROOD buys these eco-friendly bags again from Don Bosco and sells these in the shops in Kenia, Uganda and the Netherlands.

Part of the sales of these carrier bags is invested in training in the framework of the B.I.S.S. project, so that participants in this initiative can make a smooth start with their own bakery.

At BBROOD we believe in circulation: why throw away a flour bag if you can recycle it into a nice, handy and strong carrier bag??!


our partners

SUPERETTE – Superette is a GOTS-certified serigraphy that works with organic cotton only. GOTS certification guarantees that the entire production process is organic. This means that the cotton farmer is GOTS-certified, the dyer is GOTS-certified, the tailor is GOTS-certified …. You will understand now. Independent businesses control all participating companies to check if they work according to the strict requirements. As such, we and you as our customer know for sure that our products are purely organic.

OLIVES AND MORE – Brian and Esther from Olives and More discovered delicious olives in various countries, but back in Amsterdam they hardly could find them. That’s why they decided to import and sell delicious olives themselves. It started with seven wooden barrels full of olives in a bakers’ delivery bike at a farmers’ market in Amsterdam. Nowadays, they sell more than 15 types of olives. You will find their products at various regional markets and in restaurants with a Michelin award. Since 2017, we sell their delicious olive oil in all our BBROOD shops.

NOMI BY NAOMI – Naomi Rosheuvel, born in Paramaribo, Suriname (South America), uses her unique fashion approach to create a mix between various styles: lively African materials and patterns together with modern urban clothes from Amsterdam. For BBROOD she worked on the design of the aprons of the sales staff. She refurbished them and added eccentric African material. The headwraps are also made by her. As such, the BBROOD staff obtains a complete new, African and foremost hygienic look.

RASPBERRY MAXX – Carlo Peters and Henny van Bergeijk started up Raspberry Maxx in 2004. They took the initiative to launch this raspberry farm because they wanted to grow the fruits in the organic way. Their raspberry jam is for sale in our BBROOD shops already for a few years and it’s a huge success!

DE TWEEDE JEUGD – About 5% of daily baked bread is not sold. What a pity! That’s why Second Youth uses this excess to make all kind of new products, like crostini and bread & butter pudding. And not to forget the crispy toast with softly melted cheese: Super toasties! Readers of the daily newspaper Het Parool have chosen it as the most delicious in Amsterdam.

STEANS BEANS – In 2015, Stean was working with coffee farmers in Rwanda. He met people who were involved in various stages of the coffee bean production. He set up a network of farmers and producers for them to exchange ideas and techniques. With his company Steans Beans he helps East African farmers to produce best quality beans, whereas they also take financial advantage of the process. I, Stean, am proud of serving top quality coffee with the high quality BBROOD products.