Purist bread

rye bread

A small and solid bread with a remarkable and intensive taste.

The following are the ingredients of our rye bread:

Spelt sourdough
Rye flour
Rye wholemeal
Spelt flour
Apple butter
Wheat gluten
Sunflower seeds
Spelt malt flour
Spelt flakes
Iodised salt
Barley malt extract
Lupin grits
Sesame seeds
Soy flour

Rye has its origin in East Turkey and is used to prepare numerous types of food and drinks, like Dutch gingerbread, Scandinavian crackers and Irish whisky. We use this international grain to make our delicious rye bread. It is the darkest bread in our assortment and has a remarkable and intensive taste.

If you’d like more information on the ingredients and an overview, have a look at the basic ingredients.


water, wholemeal spelt sourdough, rye flour 15%, rye wholemeal 14.5%, spelt flour, apple butter, wheat gluten, sunflower seeds, spelt malt flour, spelt flake, iodised salt, vinegar, barley malt extract, lupin grits, honey, sesame seeds, soy flour

nutritional value

Per 100 grams: energy 759KJ / 181kcal, protein 6.3 g, carbohydrates 31.7, fat 1.9 g (of which saturated: 0.3 g), dietary fibres 5.7 g, sodium 497 mg

Allergy information

Contains gluten, lupin, sesame and soy. Produced in a bakery that also processes nuts and seeds.